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02 02 2018

Why Choose Novopanel


By selecting sandwich panels, the construction process is far less complicated and thus quicker and, most importantly, cheaper. Panels are finished components, suitable for easy installation, e.g. to a steel structure.

Considering the present situation on the construction services market, working time plays a key role in the cost optimisation process. The quicker the structure is completed, the less we spend on construction service costs, which have increased significantly in recent years. The rapid structure completion process also translates to earlier commencement of occupancy, which improves the return on investment for business projects.

Polyurethane-core sandwich panels
Polyurethane is the best and most commonly used thermal insulation material on the market. After many years of market domination by older materials, such as mineral wool or EPS, today they are being replaced by better equivalents in the residential construction market, in the form of panels made of hard polyurethane foam. 

Another benefit of using this type of panel is the potential to save space inside the building. Better thermal insulation of the partitions translates to lower wall thicknesses, compared to other types of panels or masonry, while maintaining the same thermal insulation parameters.

Another equally important benefit is the lower density of the material from which the core is made (40 kg/m3). This simplifies installation significantly, because no special tools or equipment are required on the project site.

"Panel Looks"
Apart from the basic functions of industrial structures, attention is increasingly being paid to aesthetics. The look of our place of business, whether it be a warehouse, manufacturing plant, store or car showroom, often determines the level of trust in the brand. This is why adding unique character by the project owner to the project has become so important.

Novopanel provides many interesting solutions, with a range of profiles, coating types and cladding colours.